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Open Air Flight Training Tour in Gaithersburg MD

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Gaithersburg arial view
OpenAir training building
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s YOU… flying a private small airplane at OpenAir Flight Training. Get the adrenaline rush of flying and a spectacular bird’s eye view of land from the height of clouds. OpenAir is a certified Cirrus Standardized Training Center located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. You can fly several planes including the Cessna 172 and the premium Cirrus models.
Welcome to Open Air Flight Training. My name is Joel. I'll be your flight instructor for today.
So this is our airplane. This is a 2006 Cessna 172. It's got a Garmin G1000 avionics system in it. The G1000 is basically what we call the glass cockpit. 110 knots, 120 miles per hour roughly. It's about how fast we'll go. What we're looking for in an airplane engine is torque. Not so much the horsepower. The torque is what does the work to the prop. So because it's such a big bore motor and fuel and all the other factors, these things are really moody and really don't like to start when they're warm. And you'll see that today.
But once you get it running the thing just purrs like a kitten. Any questions? You get to do all the flying today. Basically we're going to head out that way, where that mountains is right out there. You can kinda see that mountain sticking above the trees over there in the distance. If you can, take a step to your right, it's just underneath the wing of the airplane...
At Open Air Flight Training we provide glass cockpit flight training for private pilot license, instrument flight training, as well as commercial and CFI ratings.

Cherry Blossom Festival Washington DC 2011

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This is the 51st annual Cherry Blossom Festival known as Sakura Matsuri (in Japanese) at Washington, DC. In 2010 the festival was free, however this year the entrance fee was $5. How come? To aid the tsunami relief effort in Japan and to put up a fence around Pennsylvania Avenue. Events encompassing the festival spanned two weeks but the most fun-filled were the street activities on Saturday the 9th.
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Train to be a Ninja Warrior at Primal Fitness

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Just blocks away from Washington DC’s Chinatown neighborhood you can really train to be a stuntman, free-runner, or even a ninja warrior as proven by Levi Meeuwenberg himself. The training takes place at DC’s Primal Fitness. Levi was a finalist on the TV show Ninja Warrior known as Sasuke in Japan. View the video to hear Levi’s expert advice on training such as the salmon ladder…

Learn Parkour, Crossfit, Gymnastics… all at Primal Fitness in Washington, DC.

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Algar Experience Cruise Tour of Algarve Coastline in Portugal

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During the winter Algar Experience was the only cruise running on a cool yet sunny day. The staff are fun and friendly. They offer a 4-hour cruise along with dinner but we chose the shorter cruise. The water in Algarve is crystal clear, just as nice as the Caribbean. In the video you will see many rock formations where the water appears vividly blue.


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Palacete – Renaissance Style Restaurant in Albufeira

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Very renaissance style restaurant just away from the city center adjacent to a Australian restaurant Koala where you can eat kangaroo meat. This place appeared bright and welcoming but was not so much as the waiter had a short temper and an issue with tables. The waiter spoke English fine but he didn’t want us to choose our own table when only one other table was occupied at the restaurant. Further more he moved our chosen table exactly three centimeters away from the adjacent one. It was wobbly, so I pushed it back against the adjacent table. So the waiter didn’t like that and moved it again!

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Hotel Velamar Better than a Hostel for Same Cost

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If you need a luxury hotel away from the busy city center, just 3 km away is Hotel Velamar. This hotel is blocks away from the beach, three restaurants and a bar. The floors are marble tiled and bathrooms have glass standing showers. You can view several channels on the small room TV in Portuguese, German, and English. The lobby has a large projection TV where people usually sit.

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4 star hotel Eva

Hotel Eva in Portugal at Old Town Faro

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Closest hotel to Faro’s bay and old town festivities. This hotel includes a pool, spa, restaurant, and bayside/streetside balconies. Other amenities include LCD TV in rooms, business conference room, and lounge with wet bar. Right across the street you can find a sushi restaurant as well as a friendly dive bar.