Cook in Rio moqueca

Cook in Rio Brazilian Cooking

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The Brazilian cooking classes for foreigners and gastronomy students includes how to cook a three-course meal with seafood and caipirinhas. Once the classes started, they took off. Simone teaches classes daily, educating, impressing and entertaining hundreds of students a month.

play pig cafe video

Bourgeois Pig Cafe Video Tour in Lincoln Park

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This is a very cool vintage Cafe located in Lincoln Park of Chicago. It’s not easy to find because it’s right around a corner behind several big trees. You can enjoy the awesome art, study, eat many sandwiches with poetic names. The vibrant upstairs has three sections, each full wild paintings. You can enjoy the view from the main floor window or sit at table right by the sidewalk watching the busy street.

Play Palacette

Palacete – Renaissance Style Restaurant in Albufeira

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Very renaissance style restaurant just away from the city center adjacent to a Australian restaurant Koala where you can eat kangaroo meat. This place appeared bright and welcoming but was not so much as the waiter had a short temper and an issue with tables. The waiter spoke English fine but he didn’t want us to choose our own table when only one other table was occupied at the restaurant. Further more he moved our chosen table exactly three centimeters away from the adjacent one. It was wobbly, so I pushed it back against the adjacent table. So the waiter didn’t like that and moved it again!

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Roma Restaurant front

Roma Appetizers Not Free but You Get Them Anyway

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This is the place where your tab doubles by the waiter giving you appetizers without asking for them. Although common in Lisbon, you have to demand the waiter take back the appetizers if you don’t want them. Everything else was nice especially the shrimp curry.


Tawerna Classy Seafood Restaurant in Gdansk

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Tawerna was voted best restaurant in Gdansk but you’ll need to put in some effort to find it! It is tucked away in a corner at the end of Long Market street (dlugi targ). There are two entrances. The east entrance is next to a museum and a wall covered with green plants. The main entrance, as seen in the video, has a terrace and vine covered fence.

Cost: $$$ in PLN


Kreska Brunch Diner in Gdansk Poland

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here along with a full bar. There’s plenty of window light on one side and orange lights on the wall. Video Tour inside…

Świętego Ducha 2
Gdańsk, Poland

Hours: Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
ham and cheese omlette
kreska brunch menu