2010 August


Ride StenaLine for a Baltic Cruise to Sweden

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Stenaline offers many cruises in Scandinavia, although only two cruises from the port of Gdynia. It’s best to make early reservations at the Stenaline terminal as you can get excellent deals. A three day cruise with a tour of the Karlskrona islands, one night hotel Conrad and the Captain’s suite cost about $500 for two people. This is usually the price for staying in a standard cabin, but you can see the Captain’s suite is totally worth it. The standard cabins are small and the shower head is inconveniently placed over the toilet.



Tawerna Classy Seafood Restaurant in Gdansk

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Tawerna was voted best restaurant in Gdansk but you’ll need to put in some effort to find it! It is tucked away in a corner at the end of Long Market street (dlugi targ). There are two entrances. The east entrance is next to a museum and a wall covered with green plants. The main entrance, as seen in the video, has a terrace and vine covered fence.

Cost: $$$ in PLN


Pepperland Hostel on a Boat in Gdansk

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Prices from per person $20 (60 zł) for this hostel boat. Very convenient location to Gdansk old town street full of restaurants, bars, clubs, and movie theater. You might get drunk from all the bars nearby so come aboard and rock the boat!


Kreska Brunch Diner in Gdansk Poland

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served here along with a full bar. There’s plenty of window light on one side and orange lights on the wall. Video Tour inside…

Świętego Ducha 2
Gdańsk, Poland

Hours: Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
ham and cheese omlette
kreska brunch menu